There were multiple whiteboards for the Intermediate course held on February 27th, 2019.

In the team whiteboard you can see a good example of a “slow and low” roast from team 2’s (T2) first roast and the color results it produces; a narrow difference between whole color (whole co.) and ground color (ground co.). Compare that to the roasts produced by team 1 (T1), which have a larger difference (diff) between whole and ground colors. The sensory characteristics of these two roasts was easily detectable.

Also note that in the Foundation whiteboard, I used incorrect (unrealistic) Agtron values when illustrating the color differences inside a bean. The numbers should be reversed: the outside of the bean would be darker, with a lower Ag number and the inside of the bean would be lighter, with a higher Ag number. Damn you Agtron with your backwards scale! ツ

Below are links to each whiteboard image:

Whiteboard for Foundation Whiteboard Intermediate Day 1 Whteboard Intermedite Day 2 Whiteboard Team Roasts